stand with ross valley schools

Community movie night Tuesday evening, March 14th. Join us!

Education, Inc. is a documentary that follows the money corrupting our public schools. It tells of the drive to privatize our schools, giving private investors and large education corporations new-found access to the nearly $600 billion public tax dollars spent annually to educate public school children. Education, Inc. examines the quiet and systematic dismantling of America’s public education system under the banner of “school choice.” With striking footage from school protests, raucous school board meetings and interviews with some of the most well known educators in the country, Education, Inc. provides a clear picture of profit and politics that’s sweeping across America.

Grab your friends and join us for a free screening on March 14th at 7pm at Drake High School’s Little Theater. Discussion to follow. To register for your seats and to see a trailer of the movie, go to our eventbrite page.