Advocate for Charter Law Reform

The California laws, including Prop 39, that enable charter schools to open without a local vote in communities that do not want them must be reformed. We strongly encourage all citizens to become meaningfully educated on the topic, and involved in the quickly growing grass roots movement to demand charter reform. We must insist that our state officials begin implementing the wishes of the people, not of the lobbyists.  

What to ask? 

  1. Fight to increase state-wide funding for public education. CA is ranked 41st in the nation for per-pupil funding and 45th for student-teacher ratio (link). We can do better.

  2. Support local, democratically-elected control. Shut down the current appeals process to county and state boards (link), and give district boards the final say on charter petitions.

  3. Require taxpayer-funded charters follow all public accountability and transparency laws. - UPDATE Feb 2019: Governor Newsom is fast tracking legislation to hold charter schools to same standards as public schools.

  4. Support the NAACP moratorium on charter school expansion (link).

Contact Elected Officials

Click here to ask California State Senator, Mark McGuire, and Assemblymember, Marc Levine, to demand the California Department of Education (CDE) require the charter to immediately undergo a total revision to its petition.

Charter laws are weak, the State Board of Education is stacked with pro-charter appointees, and the California Department of Education has a special, designated Charter Division. Nonetheless, RVC has spent the year operating well below the number of students projected in its petition, which has made their impact on White Hill bigger than it should be. The CDE should use and apply existing law to ensure the charter is upholding its end of the bargain - for the sake of ALL of our children.

Advocacy Contact Information

Click here to see a list of contact information for elected officials and administrators that you can contact to advocate for change.

More Resources

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