Who We Are

We are the Families and Friends of Ross Valley Schools.  We are parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, and children unified to support and advocate for the extraordinary learning experiences available to all children who reside in our District.

We wish to unify our community as one, and invite all potential families to discover the educational and community value of opting in. We look forward to welcoming you to Fairfax and San Anselmo.

RVSD has a history of demonstrating its willingness to embrace parents’ desire to include progressive options in our schools. As a result, we believe that our five schools provide an enriching education for all of our children. We share the strong desire to provide a unique social, emotional and academic program befitting all of the children in our schools throughout the Ross Valley area. These principles are steadfastly embraced by our community, and are on display every day in our classrooms at Brookside, Hidden Valley, Manor, Wade Thomas and White Hill.    

We believe the Ross Valley School Board and the proposed charter already share the following educational goals of developing: 

· Independent learners
· Problem-solvers
· Effective communicators
· Creative and adaptive thinkers
· Individuals who persevere
· Caring global citizens
· Academically prepared students. 

With agreement on these foundational components, we see no need for two different school programs.

Feel free to contact us at hello@standwithrossvalleyschools.org, check out our Take Action Page to get involved, visit us on Facebook, or join our mailing list for news and updates