Go Public, Not Charter


STAND With Ross Valley Schools is a grassroots parent-led organization advocating for Ross Valley School District, and for equitable, truly public education. Click here to support our efforts.

Ross Valley Charter Takes Funds and Facilities From Our Neighborhood Schools

Ross Valley School District is a high-performing (top 7% of CA) but cash-strapped district (bottom 10% of CA). We can’t afford and don’t need a charter school here. RVC has had a significant and ongoing impact on our neighborhood public schools, including:

  • Loss of funding

  • Duplication of overhead & administrative costs

  • Increased class sizes

  • Loss of district staff time, which should be spent on our kids and teachers

In addition, RVC demanded our district house them by invoking Proposition 39, resulting in:  

  • Costs of litigation ($350k) due to Prop 39 allocation disagreements

  • District costs ($190k) to make WH suitable for elementary-aged students

  • Loss of classroom space at White Hill (WH), pushing WH teachers onto roving carts

  • Loss of student access to the gym and library one day per week

  • Loss of teacher prep space and break rooms

  • Crowding and disruption for kids and teachers at White Hill

Ross Valley Charter Seeks and Receives Walmart Money

RVC has aligned with the Walmart, Walton Family Foundation and the Hastings Fund, both right-wing billionaire groups, aligned with Trump/Betsy DeVos and their privatization agenda, intent on dismantling public education and replacing it with charters, vouchers and other corporate-backed privatization strategies. The large grants RVC received from these foundations were needed to backfill a $150K operating deficit and more than $500K debt (due to low enrollment and the increased cost of Prop 39 legal action against our District).