Write the SBE to revoke RVCharter

Ross Valley Charter’s budget was suspect even with an assumed full enrollment of 220 students.  (Click here to read the Marin County Office of Education’s decision to deny the charter petition in part because it did not demonstrate plausible and sustainable financial projections for the first three years of operation.)  RVC’s enrollment has been steadily declining since December and their latest enrollment numbers show a mere 103 in-district children enrolled. California education code states that the chartering authority shall monitor the fiscal condition of each charter school under its authority.  It's time to write another letter to the CDE asking them to investigate RVC’s fiscal viability and potentially revoke the charter petition.  Please click here to send a pre-written (and modifiable) letter to Tom Torlakson, Cindy Chan and the other members of the CDE and SBE responsible for oversight of the charter school.  Let's pressure them to do their job!

Please also take a few minutes to follow up your letter with a phone call to the CDE and SBE expressing your opposition to the charter school.  Below are the phone numbers to call:
Cindy Chan - 916-322-6029
Tom Torlkason – 916-319-0800
Karen Stapf Water - 916-319-0827
Judie Hall - 916-323-2694
Nick Schweizer - 916-319-0815
SBE - 916-319-0827

Let us not forget that this Prop 39 Charter has its legal work largely paid for by the CCSA, (California Charter Schools Association), which itself is an organization funded by the Walton family, the Koch Brothers, and other deep corporate pockets. These billionaires are trying to break the public education system for their private gain. 

We say STAND With Ross Valley Public Schools. Write to the Superintendent of all California schools, the Director of the Charter Schools Division for the California Department of Education and to our State Board of Education. Please follow the link below to send a letter requesting the revocation of this destructive charter.